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Image by Philippe Gauthier


Citrus: Products
grapefruit isolated.jpg


Varieties: flame, rio red
Sizes: 27's, 32's, 36's, 40's, 48's, 56's
Packaging: 40 lbs

Whole fresh lime fruit isolated on white background..jpg

Persian Limes

Sizes: 110's, 150's, 175's, 200's, 230's, 250's
Packaging: 40 lbs

Valencia Orange fruit isolated on white background. clipping path..jpg

Valencia Oranges

Sizes: 48's, 56's, 72's, 88's, 113's, 138's
Packaging: 40 lbs

Whole lemon, clipping path, isolated on a white background.jpg


Sizes: 75's, 95's, 115's, 140's, 165's, 200's, 235's
Packaging: 40 lbs

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